The Global Positioning System is a Navigation System…(Wikipedia)

Navigate Life.



FAMILY is what you make it, where you make it. Embrace Partners, Children, Community, Charity – elevate your ability to guide, inspire, teach, learn, give and listen. GPSforLife.


HEALTH…with it all things are possible. Without it life is diminished. Good health principles are changing. Practice the recipe for your next 50 years. GPSforLIFE.


BUSINESS starts with one Creative Idea, implemented by Creative People through Creative Marketing. Inevitably follows Endurance, Evolution, and the next Creative Idea. Move Forward. Demand Success. GPSforLife.


WEALTH at all levels requires vision, hard work and defining satisfaction. With Smart Thinking you can Preserve It (Retirement Income), Protect It (Asset Protection) and Pass It On (Estate/Trust Planning). Stewardship requires discipline. Be Smart. GPSforLife.


FAITH is the Cornerstone of all triumph: over oppression…addiction…loss; seeking love, happiness and dreams. God intends you to have a dynamic, successful life. Reconnect with your destiny. GPSforLife.